Forms and Documents


Form Description
Retirement application (RS-IMMRET) Pre-1996       Post-1995 Application for immediate retirement benefits. Note: There are two forms: one for employees hired before 1/1/1996 and one for employees hired on or after 1/1/1996.
Cashout or rollover (RS-179) PDF Cashout or rollover (to IRA) of small benefits (see document for requirements).
Deferred Retirement application (RS-DEFRET) Pre-1996        Post-1995 Application for deferred retirement benefits.
Eligible Rollover Notice PDF Description of rollover rules related to any eligible distribution from TVARS

If eligible, you will also need to submit medical and dental insurance applications. Please see the healthcare benefits webpage for more information.


You may need to change beneficiaries after marriage, divorce, death of current beneficiary, birth of a child, or children becoming financially independent. You may also want to contact TVA Employee Benefits at 888-275-8094 about changing your beneficiary for benefits such as Optional Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance.

TVA Retirement death benefits (RS-2) PDFChange beneficiary for death benefit while employed.
401(k) Plan

401(k) Beneficiary Designation

Fidelity Investments will handle beneficiary designations for the 401(k) Plan. Simply log on to NetBenefits at and click Your Profile, then Beneficiaries. All beneficiary designations with Fidelity are for your 401(k) Plan ONLY. Please complete form RS-2 to change your beneficiaries for the TVA Retirement System death-in-service benefit, if eligible. For changes to your other TVA beneficiaries, including life insurance, go to the Benefits section of PLUS or contact TVA Employee Benefits. For unpaid compensation (i.e. last regular check, annual leave payment, etc.), use form SF 1152, available on InsideNet and send the completed form to

FEGLI (SF2823) PDFChange beneficiary for FEGLI (life insurance) benefit.
Spousal consent (RS-200) PDFSpousal consent if you name someone other than your spouse as primary beneficiary (if hired after 1/1/1990).



Domestic Relations Order (DRO)Descriptions of order and language.
DRO ProceduresDomestic Relations Order procedures for filing.
DRO Model & InstructionsDomestic Relations Order example and instructions.



Purchase military time (RS-MIL) PDFPurchase military service time to use as creditable service in the pension calculation (Original Benefit Structure participants only).
Deposit for military (RS-205) PDFSend in with check to purchase military time (Original Benefit Structure participants only).

Other Retirement Benefits

TVARS Rules Changes Changes to Cost-of-Living Adjustment, Fixed Fund interest rate, and Supplemental Benefit
Level Income Plan (FAQ)Description, eligibility, basis.
Supplemental Benefit (FAQ)Description, eligibility, how it is calculated.
Disability Retirement (FAQ)Overview of benefits and requirements of the disability retirement benefit.
Death Benefits (FAQ)Overview of benefits available upon the death of an active employee.
COLA Frequently Asked QuestionsDescription, eligibility, how it is calculated

Retiree Forms

Beneficiary designation (RS-2A) PDFChange beneficiaries for lump-sum benefits such as Option 1, Full Cash Refund, & Interest Only.
FEGLI (SF2823) PDFChange beneficiary for FEGLI (life insurance) benefit – must be submitted directly to Office of Personnel Management (see form).
Address Change or Income Tax Withholding PDFChange amount withheld for Federal income taxes.
Direct deposit PDFChange bank account used for direct deposit.
Deferred retiree election (RS-5D) PDFElection form for retirees previously approved for a Deferred benefit.
Death notificationContact TVARS
Survivor checklistThe purpose of this booklet is to assist you in identifying the steps you may need to take immediately followingthe loss of a loved one and in the months that follow.
Document locatorThis document locator is designed to help you organize your important papers and records. It provides a convenient and concise way to summarize the location of vital documents.