Navigating the Basics: Learn more about your retirement benefits

How well do you understand your retirement benefits? Test your knowledge by attending the first
workshop in the Retirement Building Blocks series: Navigating the Basics.

Beginning in June, TVA Retirement System (TVARS) members can attend and learn more about the basics
of their retirement benefits along with available services and tools to help with their retirement
planning. During this virtual workshop, a TVARS Consultant and Fidelity Retirement Planners will
navigate through the following topics:

  • Review of the different TVARS retirement groups
  • Overview of the pension, 401(k) Plan and other benefits
  • How TVARS and Fidelity Investments can assist in your retirement planning
  • Demo of Fidelity NetBenefits and other Fidelity Investments tools

This virtual workshop will last approximately 90 minutes, including time for questions. Attendees
will receive 5 HealthCheck points towards their 2021 Benefits Credit.

To reserve your seat, go to the TVARS SharePoint site and select Navigating the Basics – Virtual Workshop under Resources. From there, register for one of the available dates. Once registered, you will receive a WebEx invite with the details. You may access the TVARS SharePoint site by going to Employee Resources on TVA Today and click Retirement Information under Key Information.