The People First Experience goes live
August 2, 2021

Experience new and improved HR support at TVA. Coming Aug. 2, we’re launching an integrated technology and people-focused strategy to better meet your human resource and health care benefits needs.

Direct Online Access through PeopleGateway provides simple, intuitive, secure, and responsive tools to serve your needs at home and on-the-go. Access information that matters most to you such as benefits or engage with “Ask Norris” the interactive chat feature.

Reach out by phone or live chat to our team of TVA specialists in the People First Solution Center from 7am-7pm ET weekdays to obtain fast, consistent and efficient responses from TVA on your HR & Health Care Benefits needs.


What can you expect:

■  Commitment to exceptional customer service each and every time for all

■  24/7 self-service gives you anytime, anywhere information available at your fingertips  and on your schedule

■  Integrated and intuitive search bar and automated chat feature allows for quick ‘retrieval of key information through a personalized online experience

■  Choice on how your questions are answered – easy to use, customized online experience or through a single phone call – resulting in accurate, timely, and complete results

■  A team of TVA professionals supporting your unique HR needs


What’s not changing?

The TVA Retirement System staff is still available to answer any of your retirement-related questions, such as pension benefits, 401(k) Plan, FEGLI after retirement, retiree payroll inquiries, and retiree death notifications. And, BNY Mellon will remain your source for changes to payment information, tax records, and historical statements.   

To reach the TVARS staff, you can email


Update your contact information

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Call    888-275-8094

Having accurate contact data allows us to provide you the best possible service in our new model.