WordPress Instruction for TVARS site

Create a news story

  1. Select “Posts” in the left sidebar and then select “Add New”
  2. Enter page title where it says, “Add Title” (you can copy and paste)
  3. Paste body text where it says, “Start writing…”
  4. Subheads should be styled as Heading 2. Use the menu in the top left corner of the text block to change
  5. To make the story appear on the pages you want, select the categories by checking the boxes for the page or pages you want in the right sidebar. If you don’t see the list of categories, click on the Word document at the top of the sidebar. Then open the categories menu in the list
  6. Choose Save Draft or Publish at top right. You can Preview from there also.

Edit an existing story

  1. Select Posts and then All Posts in the left sidebar. Then find the page to edit. You can use the search function at top right if necessary.
  2. When found, hover over the title and the click Edit in the drop down menu or double click on the title.
  3. Make changes as needed. Then click to Update button at top right