Retirement Benefits Proposal

On April 18, 2016, the TVARS board received a letter from CEO Bill Johnson proposing changes to the counterproposal approved by the TVARS Board on March 3, 2016. See the link below to review the letter.

Only the TVARS Board has the authority to amend the TVARS Rules to implement these changes. In the event the TVARS Board approves these changes to the TVARS Rules, the TVA Board would have 30 days to veto the amendments.

TVA Counterproposal – April 18, 2016

TVA Retirement System Board Announces Counterproposal – March 3, 2016

Review the message from Bill Johnson to Employees and Retirees, information provided to the TVARS Board, and information on how these proposed changes might impact you. – December 16, 2015


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