Runoff Election To Be Held September 24-October 10

Because no candidate received a majority of the votes cast in the initial election that ended September 5, a runoff election will be held between the two candidates who received the greatest number of votes, Michael Belcher and Julia Koella. Belcher received 840, and Koella received 1,227.

Other candidates in the initial election and their vote totals were as follows: Robert E. (Eddie) DeBusk II, 431, and Daniel T. Kirk, 469.

Click on the names below to view detailed information on the runoff candidates.

Michael L. Belcher – Reactor Unit Operator, TVA Nuclear, Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant

Julia E. Koella – Accounting Policy & Research Specialist, Corporate Accounting, Financial Services, Knoxville

Election-America, Inc., an independent election firm, will mail election ballots to employees’ home addresses and will also email voting information to employees at work.

Employees will be able to vote online or by phone during the runoff election that runs from September 24 through October 10 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). The election will close on October 10 at 4:45 ET. For technical assistance with the voting process, please contact Election-America at help+tvars@election-america.com or 866-384-9978.

Note: It is TVA's policy that candidates and employees are not to use official TVA resources to solicit votes. This includes bulletin boards, electronic mail, interoffice mail, copier equipment, and fax machines.


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